Building a Copper Pyramid for Meditation • Pyramid Construction, Pyramids for Healing • Meditation Parts 1 & 2

Building a Copper Pyramid for Meditation • Pyramid Construction, Pyramids for Healing • Meditation Pyramids.

Building a Copper Pyramid for Meditation Parts 1 & 2

An eight part series of posts on how to build a (do-it-yourself) copper pyramid for meditation and healing, including my experience with previous meditation pyramids. If you want to skip the history and just read the building notes, then skip to portable copper meditation pyramid instructions.

Building a Copper Pyramid for Meditation
I have built a number or meditation pyramids in my life. They have all been wonderful. Having moved around a good deal, I always end up trying to sell them at a garage sale, first as the pyramid and finally as useful copper tubing. I get a funny look when I tell them what it is, and what it is for. A few are intrigued and yet most of them quickly find something else to interest them.

I have lived a good year or so here in Northern Colorado, and only last week was able to rationalize the expense of building a copper pyramid for meditation once again. It is not that expensive really, but there always seems to be something else more important to take care of instead. Readers will therefore have the advantage of hearing a detailed description of setting out to build one afresh.

Like most things created by hand, the meditation pyramids I have created have each been an improvement over the previous, all benefiting from whatever problems I experienced with the previous versions. This is either my fifth or sixth pyramid. I can’t recall exactly. It depends on whether we are going to count the one I made strictly out of copper electrical wire back in 1988.

My First Copper Meditation Pyramid
I was in New York City studying crystals, gemstones and other metaphysical or new age approaches to healing, self-development, etc. I had not had any real bouts with disease or illness at age 31, and was fascinated with these ideas and applications from a consciousness-expanding and spiritual perspective, eager to experience deeper and more grounding levels of awareness and understanding.

I must have read something about the pyramid in a book on crystals and gemstones by Gurudas. I still have the book. It is a two book series. I was intuitively drawn to build this pyramid or something like it that was mentioned in the book. I felt it to be important, and I wanted to see if I could actually feel the energy at work on my body. I also owned several paperbacks that were titled “Pyramid Magic” or “Pyramid Power” or something of the sort which were almost impossible to read and had nothing of real value to them. So, the fascination was there.

I’m a very practical guy and needed the proof of my own experience. Exclamation points in sentences and bright colors on the face of a book are not going to convince me of anything. You can still find these books near the watered down, poorly written astrology books in used book stores. If you are going to understand and appreciate any science, including those more metaphysical in nature, it is necessary to get past all of the poorly written material until you discover a writer who knows what they are writing about. This, or you venture into it yourself.

How to Make a Copper Pyramid for Healing
For those who have yet to develop their own individual sense of spiritual or metaphysical logic or intuition, all of these books will sound the same. For anyone who has delved within deeply enough, the difference is apparent. Those on the periphery will likely be discouraged after reading those simple paperbacks and the next step will come much later when some real patience and significant need manages to arise.

So I went out and bought enough copper wire to string it from my ceiling to floor at the appropriate angles in an apartment in Brooklyn, New York in 1988. It was late at night and my girlfriend was out waiting tables so I was alone to play. I used duct tape to tape the wires up on the ceiling and down on the floor. I only had enough copper wire to do the four angles. There were no wires stretched along the floor representing the base. I may have even had a cup hanger hook that I screwed into the ceiling. I know it occurred to me.

Meditation Pyramid Dimensions
I was determined to make a copper pyramid for the purpose of healing and consciousnes expansion. I have wires strung up that look pyramid-like yet I knew it was important to get the dimensions and shape corredt. I had a large hardcover book by the Freemasons at the time where I collected the information on the relationships between length and height, etc. which helped me to construct the proper dimensions that duplicate the Great Pyramid of Giza.

I positioned my bed to the center of the pyramid. The pyramid was so big that I had to tape one of the sides to a wall and just imagined a line that would continue, completing the missing corner. This is simple coated copper electrical wire. You can find two of these type of wires paired and bound together to form what you find plugging in most modern appliances into a wall socket. You can buy this wire at most hardware stores. They will sell it to you by the foot. Speaker wire will also work.

Inside a Pyramid Made of Copper Wire
The experience was incredible and immediate. I had to really check in with myself to see if this was just my overactive imagination ot whether it was genuine. I figured time would tell. Sure enough I was continually and consistently aware of the energy fields and power. I mean to say that if I could have ignored it, I would have. It was clearly present. I hesitate to put the actual sensation into words as people describe things so differently, however I must try.

To me it was a buzz. It was a ongoing irrefutable power and alignment. It seemed to ask a question that only my body could answer by relaxing and aligning. It was similar to the experiences I have had with crystals where I felt I was being tuned to a wavelength or tuned to a particular alignment. Again, words make this impossible. In the most simplest terms, the pyramid was doing something to me with its shape alone, and that thing it was doing was good.


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  1. we have a holistic bed and breakfast that offers pyramid meditation


    • That’s amazing! I have the copper and a friend is going to come and build my meditation pyramid next weekend. I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing your video. Could I just ask how long are the sides of yours?


  2. I am very interested about pyramid but how I will get it India – Calcutta


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